Birthday wishes and greetings for sister

Wishing happy birthday to your loved ones is important but when it is your sister’s birthday you ought to show off your love for her be it in terms of presents or wishes. So here we present you a collection of wishes and greetings for your sister.

Lovely Birthday Greetings And SMS For Sister


  1. There is absolutely no fashionista girl that can replace my beautiful sister. I love the way you dance and make me jealous with your moves. Wishing you a hearty and a joyful birthday sweetie.
  2. To the girl who has always been there behind my back, who has always laid support for me in my tough times and has always been special to me. This birthday I have no gifts for you expect a stinky hug stupo.
  3. To the most beautiful sister who has never been beautiful. LOL. I love your chocolates more than you buggy and don’t forget to arrange for a beautiful return gift. Happy birthday.
  4. To the most caring sister who has always been ready for me and my problems. You have always supported me and has never asked for a return. May every kid on earth be blessed with a sister like you. Happy birthday.
  5. Happy birthday sissy! This birthday all I can give you is a kiss and a hug. I am short of money this time but will one day surely get you a beautiful diamond ring before your husband gets one. I hope you always remain to be so protective and loving. Love you.
  6. To the most sassy girl on this planet who continue to attract boys on the field. I might not be as beautiful as you are but I am happy to have a sister like you who is so good and loving. Happy birthday beautiful.
  7. Happy birthday challenged girl. Like seriously how can anyone study for the whole day, be good at poetry and be so enduring in nature, you’re surely a packet full of surprises and I know I can never become like you. You are surely my second mother who has imparted the same values. I hope this birthday you get to party like normal kids do.
  8. Happy birthday sister. I have no words to describe the story of you and your stinky clothes and how bad your cooking is but, you my elder sister will always remain to be my second half in spite of me having such beautiful and aromatic friends. Love you loads.
  9. The best things my parents have gifted me is the love of a sister. You know when you were born I hesitated a lot while touching you, but with time I realized how beautiful and funny you were. You are way too smart than I am and I will definitely love to grab some catch ups from you. That’s all I have for you girly.
  10. Happy birthday to the most spectacular, loving, caring and beautiful sister. I have always been jealous of you and you fashion sense. I love your cooking and your selfless love for me. Ok now no more lies just a happy birthday idiot. Here is your gift 

Birthday Wishes and Greetings to Mother

Your mother keeps you in her womb for 9 long months and that is the most she can offer you. There is no gift and no blessing in this whole world that can pay off her love and care for you but your loving messages can surely make her cry. A tight hug, a few kisses and a card full of beautiful messages is the best thing a child can offer to the mother. So here we have a collaboration of sweet messages that you can offer to your mother on her special day. Don’t forget to give her a tight hug.

Birthday Wishes

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  1. Happy birthday mom! I have no words for your selfless words and care you offer me each moment. Your love is priceless and there’s no gift that can replace your love.
  2. To the most spectacular and amazing mom on earth. Happy birthday. You have always been an amazing friend and an amazing mom. Your love is infinite and nobody can replace you.
  3. Hey mom! Happy birthday! I love you to the core and you belong completely to me. I want you to be with me for my whole life and I will never marry anyone because you are the only love to me.
  4. To the love of my life, my mom and my best friend who is a part of me. I love you and will never fall back whenever you will require me. That is all I can gift you because there is no gift for your love.
  5. To the most amazing chef and the most caring mother who has always been besides me in spite of several hardships. No matter what you will always remain to be the most special person in my life.
  6. Happy birthday mom! I am not mature enough to bless you with the best but at least some of the wishes may come true. I love you and that is the only gift I can offer you.
  7. Happy birthday mother! You are that priceless possession which I will love forever and will never want to lose you. You are just not my mother but my pillar of inspiration that has always supported me no matter what. Surely there is no gift that can return your selfless love but just a tight hug.
  8. To the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, actually I happened to you. No matter what you have been there in my ups and downs and I have always appreciated your sacrifice and dedication for me. Lots of love and wishes on your birthday mother.
  9. Happy birthday to the coolest mom on earth. You’ve always been my friend than being my mother and that is what the best part is. I have never ever hesitated in sharing my secrets with you and that is all I can say about you because I actually am falling short of words for your selfless love and care. Happy birthday mom.

Good Night Messages

The stars and the moon gather together to form a beautiful night, a night full of surprises that will lead to another day. Nighttime is the best time of the day when the world is quiet and peaceful and everybody is asleep. A good night is necessary for a beautiful and a well groomed sleep. For that you probably need kisses and hugs from your mother and some beautiful messages. Nothing can be better than a beautiful message that will wish you for the upcoming day. So here we have a tiny list of beautiful and heartwarming message that you can send to your near and dear ones.

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  1. Here’s to a beautiful and a calm and peaceful night. May you be blessed by the almighty and may you kick start your morning with a day full of dreams and challenges. Good night.
  2. The best time in the day to rest and calculate your deeds is during the night time. It lets you have a flash back at the day you spent. Celebrate each day with so much love and hard work so that it renders you beautiful nights. Good night to all!
  3. As you fall asleep, I want you to remember that you are possibly the best version of yourself and that nobody is better than you. Try discovering a new you every day and enjoy the beautiful night.
  4. Look at the beautiful moon which is there to beautify the earth. Similarly you’ve been sent by god to beautify your surroundings. Keep believing in yourself. Good night.
  5. Good night to all! The forces of the nature have assembled together to wish us all a pleasant and a beautiful night. Recount your deeds and make way for something new to come.
  6. So here’s welcoming another beautiful and soulful night which is not justifying the end of a day but a look back at the hopes and challenges you have faced. So turn on the power of your capability to do much more than your ability and turn the best of you. Good night to all.
  7. All the stars and the shining moon have assembled to wish all a peaceful, calm and a beautiful night. May all your wishes come true and may the forces of nature enable to make the best of you. A happy and a good night to all.
  8. A very good night to all. May your night be full of sweet dreams which may render to pave way for what you aspire to do. All the best and a beautiful and calm sleep ahead.
  9. A good night is not just an end surely an end to a good day but never a halt to a good life. So keep wishing everyone a night full of dreams so that you can grow more in life.
  10. Wishing everyone a warm and a sweet night ahead. Never stop thinking until you’re dead and never stop wishing until you’re off to bed. So before I sleep here’s wishing everyone a beautiful night and a great next day.

Have a good morning!

Beautiful lovely Greetings 

Looking for good inspirational morning quotes? Well, this is just the right place for you to rise and shine. Set them as your alarm quote, stick them in your bedroom to inspire you or send them to your loved ones. Many of you are habitual of sending quotes, or posting them on social sites to inspire everyone. It’s really a good habit and my article can help you out to keep up this routine. These quotes are ideal to start afresh, to inspire you and give you the right kick-start for the day.


  1. Good morning beloved one, rise up and shine my life. From dusk to dawn, you are the one who keeps me awake and are one reason I no more have to throw the alarm clock at the wall because I’m eager to meet you every day and start it with a beautiful smile. Good morning
  2. Good morning baby, like every day you’re the first person I want to say this to, have a Good morning.
  3. The first ray of sun that falls upon you, it’s like how you enlighten my life and inspire it. Good morning.
  4. I know it’s hard for you, I know it’s challenging, but remember after a great stormy night there is always sunrise. It may rise late but the sun always rises. Good morning and rise like the sun dear.
  5. The day will be fulfilled with a lot of challenges but remember that is what tests your patience and your ability to conquer such challenges. Have a good morning and welcome this day with a big smile.
  6. Good morning to you, smile and welcome the new challenges in life and threaten them with your optimism that makes you who you are. Good morning my sunshine, my inspirationg and gift of love.
  7. I know nothing can keep you from what you aspire to live. So what we all have hard days in our life but it’s upon you to make them darker or consider that one ray of the sun shining upon you and inspiring you to smile and welcome a new day. Best of luck and a happy morning to you!
  8. So I woke up today and had you on my mind, just want to let you know how important you are in my life my sunshine. Have a great day and a wonderful morning.
  9. Just wanted to remind you to brush your teeth, don’t forget your watch, your wallet, to do your breakfast and take your locker keys because you tend to forget things. And also don’t forget this sweet Good Morning and I love you from my side.
  10. Just like the sun shines on the world every morning, just like it’s a necessity for life, you shine your positivity upon me and are my necessity. Don’t ever change and continue being this awesome. Good morning.
  11. Consider every day as the first day of the rest of your life. Start afresh, start inspired and start optimistically. Good morning.
  12. Your life is what you make of it dear. You can only succeed if you get past the “snooze” button and seize this day as an opportunity. A very good morning.
  13. Don’t wake up regretting what you did yesterday. Don’t wake up with those broken pieces. Try to amend them and appease yourself today with your beautiful smile and take a break. Treat yourself and get ready to face the rest of the challenges with a new positive attitude. Good morning.
  14. Rise and shine today. Take this day as an opportunity to fulfill the dreams you saw last night. Good morning.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!!

The wait is finally over. It is that time of the year when the roads are so lively, so vibrant and people are happy, singing carols and decorating everywhere. The winter chills are incomplete without the warm socks hanging for wishes, the fireplace decorated with wreaths and people together singing with joy. Even if you’re near or far from your loved ones, Christmas is the best opportunity to make them happy, to make them feel important and send them your Christmas greetings and valuable gifts. Here, we present a number of Christmas greetings for your loved ones:


  1. May the Christmas joys fulfill your life with immense pleasure and vibrancy. May Santa fulfill all your dreams and present you with the wisdom to face the challenges of life. A merry Christmas.
  2. Ho ho ho… Santa Claus is coming to town, and you my dear daughter, welcome him with a big smile and positive hopes by your side. Help your mom bake the cakes and spread joy among the neighbors’. Also, save me the cake’s piece and a kiss on your cheek. Merry Christmas!
  3. They say, a pair of turtle doves on the Christmas tree represents friendship forever. On this colorful occasion, I present you a turtle dove of my friendship and promise forever loyalty in our friendship. I wish you a mazel tov. Merry Christmas.
  4. It’s that beautiful tie of the year when we can decorate the place together, plan family dinners, invite friends, spread the joy and I can my dear wife, kiss you underneath the mistletoe. Merry Christmas and I wish a thousand merrier occasions in our life as we grow together, live, laugh and love together.
  5. I know I can get hard on you all sometimes, but all I want is the best for the company. Thank You everyone for working so hard and growing with the company and making it what it is, today. It’s been a pleasure working with you all and I wish you all a merry Christmas, a happy life and yet, more hard working years together. Regards, general manager.
  6. I may be seven seas away, but I truly miss the Christmas joy and spending this time of the year with you. After all the true meaning of this holiday season is to spread cheer and joy among family and friends. I miss you and I wish the best family in the whole world a Merry Christmas.
  7. We all have a mixture of memories, few good, few worst and few with the challenges we conquered. Take the true spirit of this season and spend it to rejoice the growth in you, the mistakes you’ve learned from and welcome many more to commit and grow as a person. Merry Christmas.
  8. On this blissful occasion, I’d like to confess that you were my Christmas wish. Like a Christmas morning you filled my life with freshness and like a Christmas evening you filled it with utter contentment. This year i want to wish you a Merry Christmas and I wish that all your wishes come true, my love.

So arent these The Best Wishes Ever 



Birthday Greetings For Grandfather

I love my grandpa the most, he is funny, cute and full of love.  Grandfathers play a very important role in our life. They are like a support system to us, they answers to all our problems and worries. Nothing in this world can take a grandfather’s place. Inspired from the power of a grandfather’s love today i present before you the best birthday wishes for your grand father, there a number of places where you can find funny/hilarious birthday greetings and wishes , birthday wishes for friends etc But only a few places serve you birthday wishes for grand father and this place is at the top among them. I hope you guys send these wishes to your grandpa on his birthday.

  • Dear grandpa i love you and always will, may live a thousand year.
  • Nothing can replace you dada, Your the best human being of my life.
  • You may not have many teethe but your smile is still the most beautiful.
  • I cannot think of a day without you, you are my moon and my sun grandfather.
  • Your wrinkled face is so cute, i cannot stop loving you grandfa.
  • 1,2,3 my grandpa’s love s free, happy birthday old man.
  • i cannot wait to eat that cake, it looks so pretty just like you grandpa.
  • A very happy birthday to the world’s best old man.
  • There is nothing more beautiful that celebrating you grandfather’s birthday.
  • I loved you, i love you and will always love you. Happy birthday grand pa.
  • Beautiful Birthday cakes are just my way to say you how much i love you

Beautiful Birthday Poems.

Birthday’s are full of fun and enjoyment, there is so much to celebrate and enjoy. Birthday gifts are a very important, they show how much we love a person and help us in expressing are feelings to our loved ones but there is nothing as special as a beautiful birthday poem, I love birthday poems they are so cute and meaningful thats why i decided to share some really beautiful Birthday Poems with you.

My love you are like the sun’s shine,so bright and so full of enegry.

I hope you live like the sun.For many many years.

My love will shine for you, like a lady in light.


A very happy birthday beautiful girl,

you are precious to me more than any pearl.

I have never seen a beauty as perfect as you,

you are soothing to the eyes, like a wonder.